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General conditions of hunting


- The hunting: Regulation for hunting - 30 days before departure, taxes are payable in Poland, after the protocol
- The formalities: you need a passport or identity card, European Firearms Pass, hunting licence, “voucher” issued by the  AND agency

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2. Important to HUNT IN POLAND

- To know how to hunt: you hunt individually or in driven hunt with yours Polish guards respecting the law hunting in Poland, the safety instructions will be presented before the hunt
- To sign a protocol: at the end of the hunting, the guide-interpreter, the hunter and the Polish representative sign a protocol in two languages​​- document about trophies and other services of your stay

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- Please send us a copy of your hunting license and its validation for the selected period - to complete all formalities in Poland
- During your stay in Poland you are insured for civil liability
- Polish CL: insurance covers accidents caused to third parties and their property during the hunting

Agency AND prepares and ensures the smooth running of your stay, choses the best area, the accommondation and the transport in Poland.
We provide you the guide - interpreter, the Polish CL insurance and we fulfill all formalities relatives to your stay in Poland.

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